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The Rights of the Individual

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Complaint Statistics relating to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

(for the period 7 July 2005 – 30 June 2006)

1. Number of Complaints

Complaints Received 5*
Complaints carried forward from last year --
Total no. of complaints handled 5

*One complaint was jointly lodged by 327 individuals.

2. Status and Results of Complaints Handled
(as at 30 June 2006)

Awaiting Complainants to Substantiate the Cases
Complaints Being Handled
Not Pursuable
Complainants did not want to continue
Lack in Substance
No response from complainants
No response from respondents

** The complainant failed to identify the complainee and the complaint was considered "not pursuable". The Unit later sought clarification from a government department. The complainant satisfied after clarification with the department and the follow up actions were completed.

3. Classification of Complaints Completed / Not Pursuable

Nature No. of Complaints
Government Departments / Public Bodies --
Goods / Facilities / Services 1
Recruitment / Employment --
Education --
Offensive Behaviors (verbally or in written format) 3
Media 1
Accommodation / Building Management --
Others --
Total 5