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Electoral Matters

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HKSAR District Council Election

I. Functions of District Councils

Article 97 of the Basic Law allows the establishment in the HKSAR of district organizations. Under this provision, 18 District Councils are established. Their major functions are to advise the Government on matters affecting the well-being of the people in the districts, and on the provision and use of public facilities and services at the district level. They also undertake environmental improvement projects and community activities, and promote recreational and culture activities at the district level.

II. Composition

The sixth-term District Councils (2020 - 2023) are composed of 452 elected members and 27 ex-officio members who are Rural Committee Chairmen in the New Territories. Their term commences from 1 January 2020. The detailed composition of each District Council can be found here.

III. Sixth District Council Ordinary Election

The Sixth District Council Ordinary Election of the HKSAR was held on 24 November 2019. There were 1,090 candidates competing for 452 elected seats. More than 2.94 million voters cast their votes, representing a turnout rate of 71.23%. The Electoral Affairs Commission supervised the conduct of this election. For detailed information, please click here to visit the relevant website.