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Electoral Matters

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Election Committee

The Election Committee (EC) is responsible for (a) nominating and electing the Chief Executive (CE); (b) electing 40 Legislative Council (LegCo) members; and (c) nominating all LegCo election candidates. The term of office of the EC is 5 years.

The EC is composed of 1 500 members with five sectors and 40 subsectors. There are three methods for returning EC members:

  1. holders of the specified offices of the subsectors could be registered as the ex-officio members

  2. nominated by the designated bodies of the subsectors

  3. elected by eligible corporate or individual voters in the subsectors for the remaining seats

For methods for returning EC members in each subsector, please click here.

The 2016 EC subsector elections were held on 11 December 2016. For more information about the 2016 EC subsector elections, please click here.