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25. Persons aged below 18 with chronic diseases residing in domestic households1
(By monthly household income in 2013)

Monthly household income No. of persons
Below median monthly household income* 17 600
Higher or equal to median monthly household income 10 100
Total 27 700

* Based on median household income by household size


Household size Median monthly household income (HK$)
1 7,500
2 16,100
3 23,500
4 31,000
5 40,000
6+ 44,300


Persons with chronic diseases in this survey refer to those who required long-term (i.e. lasting at least 6 months) medical treatment, consultation or medication for certain type(s) of diseases at the time of enumeration, irrespective of (i) the type and severity of diseases (as a commonly accepted list of diseases under visceral disability is currently not available in Hong Kong, most of the persons with visceral disability are included); and (ii) the frequency of the medical treatment, consultation or medication required. However, any diseases which had not yet been confirmed by medical practitioners at the time of enumeration were not included. Likewise, medical treatment and consultation for the purpose of preventing a certain type of diseases were excluded.

Domestic household consists of a group of persons who live together and make common provision for essentials for living. These persons need not be related. If a person makes provision for essentials for living without sharing with other persons, he/she is also regarded as a household. In this case, the household is a one-person household. Households comprising only non-Hong Kong residents or Mobile Residents are not classified as domestic households.

Monthly household income refers to the total cash income (including earnings from all jobs and other cash incomes) received in the month before enumeration by all members of the household. Other cash income includes income generated from rent income, interest, dividends, regular/monthly pensions and insurance annuity benefits, regular contribution from persons outside the household, regular contribution from charities and all government subsidies.

1 Source: Survey on “Persons with disabilities and chronic diseases” (2013), Census and Statistics Department