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Children Statistics and Information

22. Land-based non-institutional population aged below 181
(By District Council district and age group from 2013 to 2020)

Period: 2013

Period: 2014

Period: 2015

Period: 2016

Period: 2017

Period: 2018

Period: 2019

Period: 2020

Figures less than 3 000 persons are compiled based on a small number of observations and had relatively large sampling errors. They should be interpreted with caution.

Figures may not add up to the totals owing to rounding.

The boundaries of the Wan Chai district and Eastern district adopted since 2016 are not comparable with those adopted before 2016. Therefore, figures of the Wan Chai and Eastern districts since 2016 are not strictly comparable with those before 2016 in these tables.

Methodology for deriving the demographic (other than age and sex) and socio-economic characteristics of the population in each District Council (DC) district for the year of conducting Population Census/By-census is different from that for the years between the conduct of Population Census and By-census. This factor should be taken into account in comparing the statistics by DC district across years.

The population figures of the General Household Survey are compiled based on quinquennial age group, thus its breakdown by other age groups may slightly be different from the corresponding population estimates.

[1] Source: General Household Survey, Census and Statistics Department