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The Rights of the Individual

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Children Statistics and Information

15. Child abuse or exploitation of children
a) Funding for prevention of child abuse


In 2018-19, the Social Welfare Department made an estimated provision of $3.553 billion for family and child welfare services (including handling child abuse cases, intensive support for needy families and preventive measures for child abuse). As the target groups of the services cover children below 18 and other persons in need, there is no breakdown of funding for children below 18 exclusively.

b) Number of child abuse cases


Statistics of the Social Welfare Department
From January to December 2017, the number of newly reported child abuse cases was 874. The statistics are available online[1].

c) Funding for prevention of sexual exploitation of children


The specialised training course on Video-recorded Interview with Child and Mentally Incapacitated Witnesses (previously known as Child Protection Special Investigation Training Course) regularly co-organised by the Family Conflict and Sexual Violence Policy Unit of the Hong Kong Police Force (the Police) and the Social Welfare Department (SWD) provides training for police officers and SWD social workers as well as clinical psychologists from police/SWD designated for investigating child abuse cases and conducting video-recorded interviews for child witnesses. From 2004 to 2017, both departments had co-organised 41 training sessions for 759 police officers, 4 clinical psychologist of the Police, 634 social workers and 26 clinical psychologists of SWD. The Police and SWD will make provision from its annual block allocation for holding the training courses. Both departments have all along been utilising its resources in accordance with the prevailing situation of law and order as well as operational needs. As child protection and handling of child abuse cases are integral parts of daily duties of the officers of the above two departments, no breakdown of the expenditure is maintained.

d) Financial provision for prevention of illegal employment of children


The budget for the prevention of illegal employment of children is included in the overall financial estimates for safeguarding employees' rights and benefits in Hong Kong and we do not have a breakdown of the overall estimates. The two relevant pieces of legislation are the Employment of Young Persons (Industry) Regulations and the Employment of Children Regulations, both made under the Employment Ordinance (Chapter 57). The Labour Department (LD) conducts routine and surprise inspections to the workplaces to vigorously enforce the legislation. In 2015, 2016 and 2017, the LD conducted 143 037, 148 968 and 154 237 inspections respectively to check the employers' compliance with the labour legislation.

[1] Source: http://www.swd.gov.hk/vs/english/stat.html