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Children Statistics and Information

    Numbers Charts
1. Number and percentage of children aged under 18 living in Hong Kong Numbers Charts
2. Education expenditure Numbers Charts
3. Gross enrolment ratio and completion rate for education Numbers Charts
4. Number and percentage of repeaters and non-attendance rate Numbers Charts
5. Number of children in private schools Numbers Charts
6. Pupil-teacher ratio and number of children per class Numbers  
7. Financial provision for services related to children health Numbers Charts
8. Infant mortality rate Numbers Charts
9. Immunisation coverage rate Numbers  
10. Children infected with and/or affected by HIV/AIDS Numbers Charts
11. Proportion of lifetime tobacco-taking students (Secondary Students) Numbers Charts
12. Reported drug abusers aged under 18 Numbers Charts
13. Children losing home environment and separated from parents Numbers Charts
14. Number of children with disability Numbers Charts
15. Child abuse or exploitation of children Numbers  
16. Juvenile justice and crime statistics of persons aged under 18 Numbers Charts
17. Correctional institutions for offenders aged under 18 Numbers Charts
18. Number of admissions of persons aged under 18 to correctional institutions Numbers Charts
19. Recidivism rate of rehabilitated offenders Numbers Charts
20. Number of live births born in Hong Kong to Mainland women Numbers Charts
21. Number of children with One-way Permit entering Hong Kong from the Mainland of China Numbers Charts
22. Land-based non-institutional population aged below 18 Numbers Charts
23. Median monthly household income per capita, number of persons in domestic household and percentage distribution of monthly household income Numbers Charts
24. Land-based non-institutional population aged below 18 in domestic household with monthly household income per capita less than half or 40% of median of overall monthly household income per capita Numbers Charts
25. Persons aged below 18 with chronic diseases residing in domestic households Numbers  


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