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Consultative Committee on Economic and Trade Co-operation between Hong Kong and the Mainland (October 2013 to December 2015)

Membership List

Chairman: Mr Jack SO Chak-kwong, GBS, JP
Deputy Chairmen:
(in order of the number of strokes of Chinese characters)
Dr Joseph LEE Chung-tak, GBS, JP
Dr Henry CHENG Kar-shun, GBS
Non-official Members:
(in order of the number of strokes of Chinese characters)
Dr Joe FANG Zhou
Ms Margaret FONG Shun-man (from 1 Oct 2014)
Dr Dennis NG Wang-pun, BBS, MH
Mr Frederick LAM Tin-fuk, JP (until 30 Sept 2014)
Mr LAM Lap-fong
Dr Peter LAM Kin-ngok, GBS
Mr Andrew LAM Siu-lo, JP
Mr Irons SZE, SBS, JP
Prof Shane ZEE Sze-yong, SBS
Mr Paul CHEUNG Kwok-wing, JP
Mr Peter LEUNG Pak-yan
Mr LEUNG Moon-lam
Mr CHONG Shing-hum, BBS
Mr PANG Yiu-kai, SBS, JP
Mr Spencer Theodore FUNG
Mr HUANG Xiaofeng
Mr WONG Chun-hong
Mr Tony WONG Hong-wang
Dr Charles YEUNG, SBS, JP
Ms Marjorie YANG Mun-tak, GBS, JP (until 18 May 2014)
Mr Ken LU Gong
Dr Roy CHUNG Chi-ping, BBS, JP
Mrs Katherine NGAN NG Yu-ying, MH, JP
Official Members: Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, or representative
Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, or representative
Director-General or Deputy Director-General of Trade & Industry
Secretary for Development, or representative (participate when necessary)
Head, Central Policy Unit (participate when necessary)
Government Economist (participate when necessary)