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Regional Cooperation with the Mainland

Pan-Pearl River Delta Regional Cooperation and Development Forum

Date Title Document
Year 2009
2009/06/11 政制及內地事務局常任秘書長致辭全文(Chinese Version Only)(附圖)  
2009/06/11 SCMA speaks to media in Nanning (with photos/video)  
2009/06/10 行政長官出席第五屆泛珠三角區域合作與發展高層論壇的致辭全文(Chinese Version Only)(附圖/短片)  
2009/06/10 Hong Kong and Pan-Pearl River Delta region join to tackle financial crisis (with photo)  
Year 2007
2007/06/10 行政長官「第四屆泛珠三角區域合作與發展論壇」記者會答問全文(Chinese Version Only)(附圖/短片)  
2007/06/10 CE speaks at dialogue session with ASEAN business officials (with photos and video)  
2007/06/10 行政長官會見新聞界談話全文(Chinese Version Only)(附圖/短片)  
2007/06/09 行政長官在「第四屆泛珠三角區域合作與發展論壇」致辭全文(Chinese Version Only)  
2007/04/23 Government attaches great importance to PPRD co-operation  
Year 2006
2006/06/06 行政長官泛珠三角區域合作與發展論壇記者會答問全文(Chinese Version Only)(附圖)  
2006/06/06 行政長官會見傳媒談話全文(Chinese Version Only)  
2006/06/06 HKSAR to capitalise its strength to promote development of PPRD and its co-operation with ASEAN  
2006/06/06 工商及科技局局長談商台節目投訴(Chinese Version Only)  
2006/06/06 財經事務及庫務局局長在昆明談話內容(Chinese Version Only)  
2006/06/06 行政長官在第三屆泛珠三角區域合作與發展論壇致辭全文(Chinese Version Only)(附圖)  
2006/06/06 行政長官在昆明酒會致辭全文(Chinese Version Only)(附圖)  
2006/06/06 行政長官在泛珠三角區域合作與發展論壇與東盟國家商務官員對話會的致辭全文(Chinese Version Only)(附圖)  
2006/02/20 SCA: Government striving to promote flow of people, cargo and capital in PPRD  
Year 2005
2005/07/25 行政長官在第二屆泛珠三角區域合作與發展論壇的致辭全文(Chinese Version Only)  
2005/07/23 林瑞麟談香港今後在泛珠三角區域合作中的工作重點  
2005/04/22 SCA: Much importance attached to Pan-Pearl River Delta cooperation  
2005/04/18 PPRD region representatives to visit HK from today  
2005/01/11 HK delegation to attend liaison meeting on Pan-PRD co-operation in Sichuan  
2005/01/05 LCQ17: HK Government attaches much importance to Pan-PRD co-operation  
Year 2004
2004/06/01 CE's welcoming address at Pan-PRD Regional Co-operation and Development Forum  
2004/06/01 政務司司長「泛珠三角」論壇總結發言  
2004/05/31 行政長官談泛珠三角合作  

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