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Subsidiary Legislation for the 2002 Chief Executive Election

The Chief Executive in Council has approved the Distribution of Number of Members Among Designated Bodies (Election Committee) Order 2001. This Order distributes 40 seats of the Election Committee among the six designated bodies in the religious subsector.

The Chief Executive in Council has also prescribed the number and qualifications of subscribers and the amount of deposit required for nominations, and the threshold for forfeiture of election deposit in respect of the Election Committee Subsector Elections, in the Election Committee (Subscribers and Election Deposit for Nomination) Regulation.

"The manner of seat distribution among the six religious bodies and the requirements on subscribers and election deposit are now set out in subsidiary legislation made under the Legislative Council Ordinance. New pieces of subsidiary legislation are required to be made to replace the existing ones following the enactment of the Chief Executive Election Ordinance," a Government spokesman explained today (October 12).

These pieces of subsidiary legislation was published in the Gazette today, and will be tabled in the Legislative Council next Wednesday (October 17).

End/Friday, October 12, 2001