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HKSARG arranges immigration and medical staff to go to Taipei

The HKSARG is highly concerned about the traffic accident in Taiwan, a spokesman for the HKSARG said today (October 18). The Constitutional Affairs Bureau has already contacted Chung Hwa Travel Service (CHTS) to gather information about the situation, and has requested the CHTS to liaise with local authorities with a view to providing assistance to the victims and their relatives.

The HKSARG has arranged for two officers from the Immigration Department and two medial professionals to fly to Taipei tonight. They will visit the victims in order to get to know the necessary assistance required and the arrangements if they are transferred back to Hong Kong for medical treatment.

They will go to Taipei because the accident involved a large number of Hong Kong people. They will take the CX 462 flight to Taipei that will depart at 10.55pm.

Ends/October 18, 2004