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The Greater Pearl River Delta Business Council

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Terms of Reference

To advise the Chief Executive and to operate under the Hong Kong Guangdong Cooperation Joint Conference to foster closer economic cooperation within the Greater Pearl River Delta (GPRD) region by -

(a) advising on the policies and implementation strategies needed to enhance the economic and other cooperation between Hong Kong and Guangdong which in turn will facilitate more value-added operations and sustainable development on both sides of the boundary;
(b) providing a forum for the private sectors in Hong Kong and Guangdong to exchange views with one another on how to further promote two-way trade and investments;
(c) collecting opinions of Hong Kong business and professional sectors on issues relating to Hong Kong Guangdong cooperation and channel them to both governments;
(d) in collaboration with the Central Policy Unit, conducting strategic research into the future economic development of the GPRD region; and
(e) establishing closer ties with provincial and municipal institutions in Guangdong.