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Disclosure Log

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The disclosure log provides summary descriptions of the nature of information requested and released under the Code on Access to Information ("the Code") by this bureau. The disclosure log will be updated on a quarterly basis.

If any member of the public wishes to obtain any information listed in the disclosure log, an information request should be made to our Access to Information Officer. Such requests will be handled in accordance with the Code.

July to September 2015

Reference number Information requested and released
9/2015 Information relating to projects sponsored under the Children's Rights Education Funding Scheme from 2006 to 2015
10/2015 Expenditure on public consultations on constitutional development from 2013-14 to 2015-16

October to December 2015
There were no new entries in this quarter.


Note: The disclosure log does not cover requests from individual persons/companies for information about themselves and their complaint cases, or requests for information already published or available through an existing charged service.