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Press Briefings & Releases

Press Briefings & Releases

LCQ17:CS met officials of Central People's Government

Following is a question by the Hon Emily Lau and a written reply by the Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Donald Tsang, in the Legislative Council today (April 20):


Will the Executive Authorities inform this Council of the number of times the Chief Secretary for Administration met the officials of the Central People's Government in the past two years while he was in the Mainland, together with the date of each meeting as well as the name(s) and rank(s) of the Mainland official(s) he met and the contents of discussion on each occasion?


Madam President,

Since 2003, the Chief Secretary for Administration has met Central People's Government (CPG) officials in the Mainland on five occasions. Details of the meetings are as follows:

Date Name(s) and position(s) of CPG official(s) Contents/nature
February 10-11, 2004 Mr Liao Hui, Director of the Kong and Macao Affairs Office (HKMAO) of the State Council; Mr Li Fei, Vice-Chairman of the Legislative Affairs Commission of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and Professor Xiao Weiyun, Mainland legal expert, and others Constitutional Development Task Force visited Beijing to discuss constitutional development matters
August 17, 2004 Mr Qiao Xiaoyang, Deputy Secretary-General of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress, and others Courtesy visit while on leave
September 30, 2004 National leaders and officials attending the National Day Celebration Attended the National Day Celebration
February 22, 2005 Mr Liao Hui, Director of HKMAO, and others Discussed constitutional development matters
March 28, 2005 Mr Liao Hui, Director of HKMAO, and others On leave; discussed constitutional development and the latest situation in Hong Kong

Ends/Wednesday, April 20, 2005


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