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Press Briefings & Releases

Press Briefings & Releases

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Government clarifies report on public opinion survey
LCQ9: Inclusion of appointed DC members in the Election Committe
LCQ4: Position and reaction of middle class towards universal suffrage
Government's response to Dr Hon Kwok Ka Ki's views on proposed 07/08 electoral package
Demand for immediate decision on universal suffrage timetable unrealistic
CE to Chair Committee on Governance and Political Development
LCQ6: Timetable and specific process for elections by universal suffrage
Government's proposed package can bring significant constitutional development progress
Political reform package positively received in US, says Chief Executive
Government driving constitutional development on all fronts
LCQ4: The Fifth Report of the Constitutional Development Task Force
Constitutional Development Task Force publishes Fifth Report
Statement by CS on the Fifth Report of the Constitutional Development Task Force
Government committed to taking forward constitutional development
Fifth report to set out Government's proposal on 2007/08 electoral arrangements
Government has no firm position on how to amend the two electoral methods
Government response
LCQ19: Measures to enhance public participation in political affairs
Over 430 public submissions received on constitutional development
HKSAR Government finds Amnesty International Report disappointing
CAB's response to tonight's rally
Interpretation by NPCSC ensures timely election of new CE and complies with rule of law
LCQ17:CS met officials of Central People's Government
SCA encourages HKFS to continue to express views on constitutional development
Response to US-HK Policy Act Report 2005
Response to US report on Hong Kong
Acting CE's statement (Fourth Report consultation extended till end-May)
Response to US Report on Human Rights
LCQ5: Universal suffrage is ultimate aim
HKSAR Government refutes Human Rights Watch Report
CE outlines plans to develop economy, help poor and needy and promote social harmony


Task force's Fourth Report on constitutional development published
CE meets US Congressional delegation
HKSAR Government firmly committed to promoting constitutional development
Referendum on constitutional development will lead us nowhere
CE issues statement on referendum motion
LCQ2: Task Force has gathered views from community through various channels
Referendum on constitutional development neither practical nor appropriate
CS in Berlin for bilateral meetings
CS briefs British leaders on Hong Kong developments
Government to continue to promote constitutional development in accordance with Basic Law
SCA calls on young people to take part in constitutional development discussion
Government to continue public consultation on constitutional development
Over 430 public submissions received on constitutional development
HKSAR Government responds to US report on HK
SCA: Effective governance key to Hong Kong's continued success
HKSAR Government responds to US Congressional-Executive Commission on China hearing on HK
HKSAR Government responds to US Congress House of Representatives' resolution
HKSAR Government rejects Human Rights Watch Report
Hong Kong enjoys more democracy after reunification
Deadline extended for views on constitutional development
Understanding of HK's constitutional order important in discussion of constitutional development
SCA: Dialogue conducive to consensus building
CAB refutes any suggestion that HK's high degree of autonomy affected
HKSARG's response to UK report refutes suggestion of erosion of autonomy
HKSAR Government responds to Taiwan Report
HKSARG's response to remarks made by Taiwan authorities on rally
HKSAR Government responds to US House Resolution
HKSARG's response to European Commission's Report on HKSAR 2003
LCQ1: Measures introduced in response to demands of participants of last year's July 1 march
LCQ3: Government's response to HK people's desire to have elections of CE and LegCo Members by universal suffrage and their desire for freedom
HKSARG's response to US Congress US-China Economic and Security Review Commission - 2004 Report
Government reiterates its commitment in upholding HK's core values
Government committed to preserving Hong Kong's core values
Second seminar on constitutional development on Friday
LCQ7: Report submitted by Chief Executive to NPCSC
LCQ10: Registered electors of functional constituencies
Government will uphold fair and open electoral system
LCQ15: Interpretation of Basic Law by NPCSC and its decision on methods for selecting CE in 2007 and forming LegCo in 2008
EIU's comments on HKSAR's constitutional development refuted
Hong Kong's Core Values Remain Intact
First seminar on constitutional development on Monday
CE meets with US Assistant Secretary of State
CS updates Swedish leaders on HK potential
Task Force's Third Report on constitutional development published
Forums on Monday
Task Force to meet NPCSC representatives tomorrow
Response to Hon Cheng Kar-foo's comments in Legislative Council
Constitutional development report on NPCSC agenda
Reports of CE and Task Force published
Government's response to public procession relating to interpretation
HKSARG's response to US's Hong Kong Policy Act Report
Task force to meet NPCSC representatives tomorrow
Constitutional powers and responsibilities of Central Authorities in overseeing constitutional development not limited to Basic Law
Submissions put at district centres for public viewing
Website launched to seek views on constitutional development
Constitutional development discussion consistent with Basic Law
Chief Secretary concludes Beijing visit
Task Force departs for Beijing tomorrow
CE's Policy Address outlines strategy to underpin economic revival and improve governance
Note: Please refer to Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau or Government Information Centre website for press releases etc issued prior to January 6, 2004, and for those relating to the issue of "tenure of the new Chief Executive".
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