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Press Releases

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Date Topics
2018/02/12 SCMA visits TWGHs hotline service centre for sexual minorities (with photos)
2018/02/09 Applications invited for Exchanges with Taiwan Funding Scheme
2018/02/08 Applications invited for Basic Law Promotion Sponsorship Scheme
2018/02/08 Applications invited for Equal Opportunities (Sexual Orientation) Funding Scheme
2018/02/07 SCMA continues visit in Dongguan (with photos)
2018/02/06 SCMA starts his visit to Huizhou and Dongguan (with photos)
2018/02/05 SCMA to visit Huizhou and Dongguan
2018/02/01 Appointment to Advisory Committee on Post-office Employment for Former Chief Executives and Politically Appointed Officials
2018/01/30 SCMA briefed on practical arrangements for LegCo By-election (with photos)
2018/01/25 SCMA visits Wong Tai Sin District (with photos)
2018/01/24 LCQ5: Unauthorised building works and integrity checking related to principal officials
2018/01/17 LCQ22: Privacy concerns brought about by smart products
2018/01/16 HKSARG responds to report by foreign organisation
2018/01/15 Transcript of SCMA's remarks at media session
2018/01/13 Annual reciprocal visit between HKSAR Government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2018/01/12 SCMA visits Jiangmen (with photos)
2018/01/11 SCMA visits Foshan and Zhaoqing (with photos)
2018/01/10 LCQ11: Measures facilitating Hong Kong people and enterprises in the development of careers and businesses on the Mainland
2018/01/09 SCMA to visit Foshan, Zhaoqing and Jiangmen