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Press Releases

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Date Topics
2016/07/15 Ninth Hong Kong Macao Co-operation High Level Meeting (with photos)
2016/07/14 Statement by HKSAR Government regarding 2016 Legislative Council election
2016/07/14 Basic Law Roving Exhibition to be held this Saturday and Sunday
2016/07/13 LCQ4: Review of Basic Law
2016/07/08 Re-appointment to Electoral Affairs Commission
2016/06/29 LCQ5: Exit polls conducted on the polling day of the Legislative Council election
2016/06/22 Statistics on Code on Access to Information for fourth quarter of 2015
2016/06/22 LCQ15: Leakage of personal data
2016/06/16 Basic Law Roving Exhibition to be held this Saturday and Sunday
2016/06/15 LCQ6: Public confidence in and support for the Chief Executive and the government officials
2016/06/10 Polling date for 2017 Chief Executive Election
2016/06/08 LCQ15: Visit of the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress to Hong Kong
2016/06/08 LCQ1: "Ladies' nights" ruled to be discriminatory on the ground of sex
2016/06/01 LCQ20: Guidelines on election advertisements for Legislative Council election
2016/06/01 LCQ2: Appointment of Chairperson of Equal Opportunities Commission
2016/05/31 SCMA visits REO for update on LegCo election preparations (with photo)
2016/05/25 Hunan Liaison Unit commences operation
2016/05/19 Basic Law roving exhibition to be held this Saturday and Sunday
2016/05/18 LCQ12: Visit of the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress to Hong Kong
2016/05/12 HKSAR Government responds to US State Department's report on Hong Kong
2016/05/11 LCQ10: Credibility of and recommendations made by Equal Opportunities Commission
2016/05/04 LCQ16: "Ladies' nights" ruled to be discriminatory on the ground of sex
2016/04/27 LCQ3: Eligibility of electors of the Information Technology Functional Constituency of the Legislative Council
2016/04/22 SCMA begins visit to Beijing (with photos)
2016/04/21 HKSAR Government Shandong Liaison Unit opens (with photos)
2016/04/20 SCMA visits Shanghai Disney Resort (with photo)
2016/04/20 LCQ4: Views and acts advocating the independence of Hong Kong
2016/04/19 SCMA starts visit to Shanghai (with photos)
2016/04/18 SCMA to visit Shanghai, Jinan and Beijing
2016/04/15 CS and Vice-Governor of Fujian Province co-chair Second Hong Kong- Fujian Co-operation Conference (with photos)
2016/04/14 Response to United States report on human rights
2016/04/06 SCMA meets Premier of Queensland (with photos)
2016/03/29 Government to carefully study Equal Opportunities Commission's report on Discrimination Law Review
2016/03/29 SCMA meets Hunan delegation (with photos)
2016/03/23 21st Working Meeting of Hong Kong/Guangdong Co-operation Joint Conference held in Hong Kong (with photos)
2016/03/23 Statistics on Code on Access to Information for third quarter of 2015
2016/03/18 SCMA and EOC Chairperson Selection Board meet the media
2016/03/18 Chairperson of Equal Opportunities Commission appointed (with photo)
2016/03/17 A Dedicated Chapter on Hong Kong and Macao in the National 13th Five-Year Plan
2016/03/16 LCQ21: Electoral arrangements
2016/03/15 EAC Report on 2015 District Council Ordinary Election published
2016/03/02 Polling dates for 2016 LegCo general election and 2016 Election Committee subsector ordinary elections and date of prorogation of fifth-term LegCo
2016/02/29 CS and Mayor of Shenzhen co-chair Hong Kong/Shenzhen Co-operation Meeting (with photos)
2016/02/28 SCMA visits LegCo New Territories East geographical constituency by-election polling stations (with photos)
2016/02/26 SCMA to visit Beijing
2016/02/24 LCQ1: Co-ordination of efforts of policy bureaux on implementation of government policies
2016/02/19 Applications invited for Exchanges with Taiwan Funding Scheme
2016/02/18 SCMA visits Macau (with photos)
2016/02/18 ECCPC Chairperson to visit Taiwan for Lighting Ceremony of Hong Kong Lantern Area of 2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival
2016/02/17 Expenses limit raised for Chief Executive election
2016/02/17 SCMA to visit Macau
2016/02/04 Applications invited for Basic Law Promotion Sponsorship Scheme
2016/02/04 Applications invited for Equal Opportunities (Sexual Orientation) Funding Scheme
2016/01/27 LCQ3: The Chief Executive's duty visits to report on his work to the Central People's Government
2016/01/21 Consultation Report on Enhancement of Voter Registration System published
2016/01/06 LCQ13: Work to complement the country's Thirteenth Five Year Plan